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Dear FreelancerComp and Freelancer Community,Jambo from Nairobi,Kenya East Africa! Unlike our competitors who have submitted their enteries from Europe,USA,Australia and Asia, our resources were limited but we successully managed to expose freelancer logo! Football stadium was the best weapon we used.In a stadium unlike on the streets it's has been easier for us to interact and talk to fellow Kenyan while seated as we watch a soccer match. I, and my young friend Otieno exposed freelancer to over 30,000 football fans who come out in large numbers to support their country against the visiting mauritus team for a world cup qualifier soccer match played on last Sunday,11/Oct/15.Otieno was at the enterence to expose freelancer logo,we moved around the stadium with the logo and on numerous occassions sat in the middle of the crowd to expose freelacer. a longer footage of our activity can be watched here We also posted several more on youtube

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    Nice video, Please watch our video and like #274 Good luck|

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