Finalize the Design of some Website Sketches

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I need to finalize the design of some pages on a website.
I will need five pages designed. There are very clear instructions and directions for the design work.
This is the design files you will build on: [login to view URL]

New pages you need to design:

Page with search bar on the right side.
The idea is that you click the search icon - and on the right side of the page a search bar comes up.
I want the search to be with bars - that you can slide back and forth to decide the parameters (example between 3mill dollar and 4.5 mill dollar) (on a range from 2mill dollar to 15 mill dollar):
Size in sqmeter
Floor 1 to 6
Bedrooms 2 to 4

And also possiblity to choose some options:
Ocean View
West view

And a text search.

I will also need a search icon and a explore icon - designed after the diamonds/square you will see other places on the site.

Please see this screenshot of what I might like in regards to the search bar design - however please note that the search bar is to slide out on the right side of the screen. [login to view URL]
And of course in different colors - so it matches the design. But I want black background.

Click Search button

Search Results - after you clicked search the first time you will get up some results on the left side
As you will choose the different settings on the search bar - different results will come up to the left of the search bar.
I want it to fill the rest of the screen.
And I want it to be one image of a floorplan - use this floorplan for all units as a demo:
And below it I want name of the unit: Example, D42
And some text information example: 3 bedroom, 6.7 million dollars. 420 sqm

This is where you have to design something that looks good.

These two pages will be a page of unit information.
And two other pages
But you will not need to do that as a part of the competetion.
I will award the contest based on the work provided for the two first pages - and the winner will have to complete the last pages.

I will award as soon as I get something that I think have good enough quality, and might not wait until contest has ended.

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