find 7 russian frozen chicken and turkey product factories

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Need Russian person to help find Russian chicken factories’ contact info!

Pls help find contact info. for our below provided russian chicken factory through their factory number. These factories were newly approved to export to china by chinese government. Totally 7 factories.

CHICKEN FACTORIES:RU-031/VM03456, RU-054/LX03718,RU-054/UK04224,RU-070/QJ01925,RU-074/GY01703,RU-031/BX03092


1. Must find name and address of this factory
2. Must find correct website
3. Must find email address and name of the sales of the companies who is responsible for exporting to china.
[login to view URL] find correct contact telephone number of the sales of the company who is responsible for exporting to china.
5. Try to get mobile phone of the sales to china
6. Pls check with them if they can speak English.
7. Pls check with them when they will start to quote to china. And what they are preparing currently.
8. Pls check how many factories they have?
9. Pls check how many tons of chicken product they produce every year?
10. All above info. shall be correct. Pls make sure to call the factories not just find info. on internet. Otherwise, we cannot pay the money.
11. If you find any info, pls send to us first. Don't wait to collect all info. and then send to us as we are urgent to have any of the info. to start cooperate with them.

Thank you so much. Need to be finished within 2 days. Tks!

Below for you to introduce us if they ask.. You can say that you are behalf of our company to contact with them in Russian to try to get contact info. And we will follow up.

We are shanghai yumtown food co.,ltd, located in shanghai, china. We are a very professional and big chinese poultry import company located in shanghai with 25 years experience. We import frozen chicken legs, wings, other chicken and turkey products, etc. We have good fame in shanghai, china. We have cooperated with many world famous brand suppliers. We also have our own brand. We are dealing various channels. Our clients are big wholesellers, restaurant, end users. We have our own on line shop also. We have strong warehouse and frozen food logistic deliver and operations. Hopefully to cooperate with Russian chicken and poultry factories.

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  • kochevnick
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    Hello. I've found the factories you need. Contact me in chat to discuss the details of probable cooperation.

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  • Kolesnikovpavel
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    I see that not everybody understands the task. #increaseprize and I'll contact every factory for thebinformation needed. For all the info will have to wait till it will be provided, not sure that every factory will answer in two days. All the phone calls will cost more then 6$ so #increaseprize

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • Kolesnikovpavel
    • cách đây 1 tháng


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