Help me with Marketing Research for Healthcare IT: Medical Records Directors

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Need some assumptions answered by a US Medical Records Directors. At least 2 of them. Need comments on the assumptions below- do they agree or disagree or have any additional input per comment under each section.

Adoption challenges
1. EMR adoption requires integration of existing systems or their replacement with EMR-supplied modules
2. Challenges of integration are more expensive and/or unavailable to resolve than switching to replacement systems
3. Switching to replacement systems involves loss of capabilities and/or scope of information stored in the records
4. Physician's ability to enter information and control care workflow from a single system is a good measure of EMR adoption

Value proposition
1. "Platform" that could enable existing systems to interact with EMR by storing and retrieving comprehensive record data would be very valuable to providers
2. Such platform would be perceived as means of achieving meaningful use progress along EMRAM stages
3. Product-based offering of this platform would be perceived as more robust and valuable than a service-based offering
4. If such platform offered comprehensive remote capabilities for physicians and integration of their office systems, it would be a drastic differentiation for competing platforms
5. Integration of remote physician systems contributes to retention and resulting revenue growth of the providers

Sales strategy
[login to view URL] Records is the department most immediately affected by benefits of the Value Proposition
[login to view URL] Records can make or critically influence the decisions related to purchase of the Platform
[login to view URL] first contact for discussing the Platform should be the Director of Medical Records
[login to view URL] the physician-related capabilities offered by the Platform is more effective than describing its integration-related capabilities in communicating the Value Proposition
[login to view URL] adoption progress benefits are secondary in practical terms when communicating the Value Proposition
6. EMRAM-related incentives are only partially relevant to Medical Records
7. Technology details of the Platform are tertiary for Medical Records when considering the Value Proposition of the Platform
8. CareConnect is an effective product name for the Platform

[login to view URL] fee on recurring basis for a product license is more readily accepted than a higher one-time service fee
[login to view URL] is easier for purchase decision to be made if our product was sold for each system to be integrated than as comprehensive solution
[login to view URL] and configuration fees should be embedded in the first-year license for our product.
4.$30,000 in first-year license fee and $15,000 in ongoing license fee per integrated system is the right range of pricing for our product.
[login to view URL] installments for annual license fees is an attractive payment structure for providers
[login to view URL] use contracts that do not offer ownership of the product is an acceptable delivery approach for our product.

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