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Little Home Renovation

Hello I am Rittipong Tiandum, an architect from Thailand. I am very interested in your "Little House Improvement" contest. I have done both interior and exterior designs and thank you very much for not setting too many limits. I had the idea that the original building is compact, cute and still in pretty good condition, so I thought it should be preserved. But if we just do the interior decoration, we may not exactly meet the requirements. So I decided to reposition the stairs, remodel the bathroom, and redesign the floor plan of the building for the new house image, making full use of both the downstairs and upstairs space. I like the feel of the original building, which is simple and cozy. So I chose warm tones for my design and used some coated mirrors to make the house look wider and brighter. I hope you will like my designs and award me this contest prize. And whatever you decide, please let me know, I am always appreciative and gladiolus. Best regards

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  • yasminevw2016
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    Hi Rittipong, you made a good job but many views are not possible for example the last picture with big bed + sofa + tv it is impossible to walk there with a roof like that. I will make a drawing with exact dimensions and I will show the surronding of the little house and show also where I am allowd to change or not. The terrace outside is also a possibility to make the living part bigger. The aim of all these needen changings is that I will have 3 men living in this little house for 2 years and they are colleagues so each one of them needs his own room and space, so that's why I need ideas. I will come soon with these extra information and I will add it in the description. Thansk you again for this nice work. Best regards. Yasmine

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    1. rittipongtian
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      Thank you for rating my work. The distances presented here are approximate from the photos submitted and there may be some discrepancies. For 3 male residents who need the private space you mentioned above, make improvements design more challenging.
      You may need to specify your requirements more clearly, such as whether or not each person needs a private room—this may lead to heavy consideration of the common space design, for example. I'll wait for more information from you to determine whether to adjust the design or not.
      Best regards
      Rittipong Tiandum

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