Highly experienced CSS developer

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  • Giải thưởng: $500
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  • Người chiến thắng: cssmaniaa

Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We are looking for a highly experienced CSS developer who is able to work from scratch to create a theme also to line up all the existing bug up to IE7 and responsive.
He/She must be able to work on jquery too. Its a very long project so we need a very decent guy who can completely the job very smartly.

We already have psd files for all the templates, slider and galleries. Some of the requirements are :

1. Photos Gallery
2. CSS tweaks to align backgrounds, menus, and custom elements.
3. Background image tweaks to line up properly with website elements (may require some image editing)
4. Creation of some basic rollover images in client frames,
5. Menu editing
6. Page cleanup and general look and feel recommendations to clean up modules.

Please show us the portfolio you have work any project from scratch. Be sure they are 100% responsive too.
Bid only experienced designer and need to hire immediately. Would like to get the work completed as soon as possible. Would also like to establish a good working relation with a designer for projects in the pipe.

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Phản hồi của người thuê

““ Santosh has been working on this project for more than 6 months already. He\"s dedicated himself to it and has demonstrated times and again his technical skills for building web applications, as well as his ability to be a team player. We would not have achieved so much without him! He has provided us with his expertise of building web design, a series of reusable components and a unwaivering dedication towards the project. His work ethic is every employer\"s dream. I would not hesitate working with Santosh in the future. Best sprit yet. Delivered the full scope with great quality and quality work.Good sprint and planning. Outstanding results. Highly recommended, Another fully completed sprint, with great quality and team work. Excellent quality, commitment and team work!Good results. Looking forward to next sprint. Excellent work this week as usual. Always a pleasure to work with a professional and competent freelancer. Excellent!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ youbeweb, France.

Bảng thông báo công khai

  • adnetmaster
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Hi customer,
    We are group of freelancers based in Malaysia.
    Please visit our portfolios in http://www.netmaster.my

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Venice Lee
    Netmaster Freelance Business Developer Manager

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • tiagocosta84
    • cách đây 9 năm

    we are participating in a Design Contest or responsive website features ?
    My three entries work correctly and are online: Below are the url's:

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • tiagocosta84
    • cách đây 9 năm

    hello sir, please rate my entries #7 , #8 and #9

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • webdigitalin
    • cách đây 9 năm

    I am a new freelance but i have 2+ year experience in this field. i have created many responsive websites. so u can give me a chance.

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • cssmaniaa
    • cách đây 9 năm

    I am a css developer. This is what I am good in. I create a layout with complete table less design and responsive that adapts your layout into any devices like iPhone, android, tablet and others. All the HTML pages will be complete W3C(World Wide Web Consortiom) validated and cross browser support.

    I here by read your requirements that you want to make thing better in your existing site and want to start a new project with fresh PSD files. With over an experience of 2 years I can assured you that I'll provide you quality work that any experience can only provide.

    Why should you hire me ?

    1) I can help work to my advantage and do the best to get the job done with quality maintain, this is things that make me specialized in my work.
    2) I am positive-minded and believe in continuous learning and improvement.

    Looking forward to hear from to and to start your project.

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • WesCampbell
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Hi There,
    You say its a very long project, do you realise that this is a contest that ends in 3 days, and because you have guaranteed the contest, you will have to have to pay someone when the contest ends in 3 days, so can you clarify how long you expect the project to be completed in and amend the end date of the contest if you need to?

    Also you say you have psd's to start from, do you have html and css aswel, just because you mentioned you need CSS tweaks to align backgrounds, menus, and custom elements. can you clarify if it is a psd we would be working from and creating the code from scratch or would we start from your code, if you have any?? I only ask because if we are starting from a psd, there is no css to tweak yet, if you get what I mean.

    Could you please clarify and check out my portdolio at https://www.freelancer.co.uk/u/WesCampbell.html



    • cách đây 9 năm
  • hswebdevelopment
    • cách đây 9 năm

    I am really interested in this project.Ready to start. Please contact me to see my portfolios.lets discuss more!

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • xpertsart
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Hello i have more then 5 year experience in CSS Development i am designer Plus CSS developer. Crazy about CSS3 magics and Love the HTML5 New codes Please have a look on my portfolio website

    Also you can get my skp id from my contact page in the bottom i want to talk with you live.

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • kanwarbuttar
    • cách đây 9 năm

    check my entry sir must reply and tell me your requirements sir lets start.

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • yillibrown
    • cách đây 9 năm

    hello sir, i am experienced css designer, i am ready to do your work

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • manishsharma02
    • cách đây 9 năm

    hello we can do this.....we r startup company.....just waiting for ur positve response

    • cách đây 9 năm

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