Hypothesis testing and proving about Movie Dataset and make a Statistical Power Point presentation

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Well this project can look easy, but it is actually very tough one. Because person who will do the project must be very professional in Statistics. I need a presentation in powerpoint. Presentation will be about Movie dataset that created in excel. Information has gathered from IMDB. The task is Proving 5 Hypothesis about dataset. Main issue is "Factors that effect movies IMDB scores". There are 5 Sub-Questions (for example: There is significant link between movie Budget and movie IMDB score). The tough part is everything you know about Statistics has to be in the presentation. Literally everything Standard Deviation, Sample Mean, P-value, how you proved the hypothesis, every question must has different proving methods. Like first subquestion can be proved by P value, but the second one has to be a different thing. Briefly, presentation has to be very rich with statistics. Every sub question must have at least 4 graphs at least created in excel especially "PivotChart". Presentation will be presented in 15-20 minutes so it doesnt have to be too long or too short. 30 slides is enough. First 3-5 slides must have introduction about movie industry and hypothesis. Every sub question must have introduction (for example: Nowadays Movie budgets get higher but do they effect IMDB score and how, and so on). Every graph in every question must have explenation. Very understandable explenation. Like why you chosed X method for proving, what is the advantage of finding Statistical datas (like Sample mean, Standart deviation, P value). Sub question will be provided in excel file you dont have to create sub questions. But if you want addinitional question can be asked beyond IMDB score, like what is the effect of budget to box office of the movie. Is there a link, how? and so on. I want you to put everything you know about Hypothesis proving in this presentation. Diversity is important. At the end there must be Conclusion part. Explaining what you done. What did we get from your presentation. Presentation template doesnt need to be fancy. It must be very simple and professional (white background black font) and same thing goes with graphs. Graph must be simple NO 3d graphs!. simple 2d PivotChart and other graphs. Everything written above is just introduction for project you can find additional information in bottom of the DataSet excel file. I will also uploaded 2 Report file to show you what is the project about how it must be. Be careful they are REPORTS not a Presentation i just upload them to show how professional thing i need. I also uploaded My Ex Presentation about different topic just to show you how i work. Presentation must be in simple English. First i have to understand the graphs then i will present it right? Please explain every simple thing especially graphs.

P.S: project budget is 50 dollars. But if you will succeed. There will be another project that will be about a Report of the same presentation (20 pages simple report, same datas same graphs nothing new for you) and budget will be 20 dollars. I will also give report project to you. So you will do 1 job that consist 2 projects and get 70 dollars. DUE DATE is 18 May 23:59. At sunday i have to read, understand and present it.

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