I need a book cover for my Children's Book

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Hello everyone, I have a small budget of $35 and I need a book cover for a Childrens book. I would provide the details for the book cover below.
I am active in competitions and always rate and review all submission.
I look forward to seeing your work.
I will also attach a sample book cover you can use as a template for cartoon-style of the book cover.

UPDATE 2 [ Hello again everyone, I want to say thanks to everyone who partook in this competition. I see there are a few persons who still wish to submit to the competition so I'm just letting everyone know the competition will be closing in two days on the 29th of this month. ]

UPDATE 1 [Though I have put the competition for 30 days, I will start choosing persons within 7 days. So I am giving everyone a fair chance of 7 days to get their designs in . ]


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Book Title: BUCKY

Author name: Cherry A. London

The idea for the Book cover :

The scene unfolds when the main character “Bucky” was standing in front of his neighbor’s gate when he saw a creature approaching the neighbor's door. Bucky then screamed drawing attention to himself and the creature then began to chase him.

*** We would like the book cover to reflect the main character “Bucky” running away from a supernatural creature chasing after him. ****

Bucky is a 36-year-old man who looks like a kid because he has dwarfism, he is also brown skin and of Indian descent.

The supernatural creature Bucky was running from was short, floats instead of walks, looks like it's wearing a black coat covering its entire body and its head was a ball of fire .

The setting was night time in the Caribbean.

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