I need a logo for my preppy/frat t shirt brand

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I am looking to start a preppy/frat style pocket t-shirt, and eventually apparel brand.
Color ideas:Dark gray, navy blue, dark blue, black, or any other idea you may deem better. Hello talented designers, I'm looking to make a huge splash and start a preppy/frat t-shirt brand. Much like you see with companies such as: Southern Marsh, Fish Hippie, Southern Tide, Volunteer Traditions, Southern Fried Cotton, Properly Tied, Etc. I will be using Comfort Colors pocket t-shirts and I am looking to put the main logo on the front pocket as the previous brands I mentioned do with theirs. The brand I am looking to start is tentatively named "3 Beers In. How I envision the main front pocket logo looking is going to be represented by the Roman Numeral 3, but built out of beer bottles, followed by the word "In" either beside or below the roman numeral 3. I hope this makes sense. I have the idea perfect in my head, but creativity is certainly not my strong spot. I do not want the 3 beers to be built into the roman numeral 3 too gaudy, as I am trying to make this a college aged preppy brand. I aim for the main logo to look like "3 In" , with the roman numerals of course, but then with the beers building it it will easily insinuate for buyers the idea of the logo saying "3 Beers In." This first logo is crucial to the building of the brand. I obviously will put another more extensive design on the back of the shirt after i get this main brand logo set. On the back I was eventually thinking of having President's Reagan, Bush, and Trump toasting beers with words "Live Life 3 (Roman Numeral Logo on front) Beers In" or maybe some type of surfer/coastal setting. I am going to attach a file or so of an idea I like the general look of on another brand. I would like it to be a preppy, somewhat italicized, font for the roman numerals and word in. I do not want the beers building the roman numeral 3 to have the normal hops beer color with them. So excited to see and hear of your ideas and I truly hope we are able to launch something great here.

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  • ArtworkByAticus
    • cách đây 4 năm

    do you want the roman numeral 3 to look like beer bottles? and what color do you want the beer to be? Im a little confused if you can please explain a little more thanks

    • cách đây 4 năm
    1. Augustschaetz11
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 4 năm

      If you can do that in a way that it blends nicely, yes. I am fairly open to ideas on the color. I don't necessarily wont the beer to be a separate color from the rest of the logo.

      • cách đây 4 năm

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