I need a marketing leaflet making

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I need a leaflet making that can be used as a promotional flyer for my business when I attend events. My buisness is in making stained and fused glass and pottery anything from windows, jewellery to vases.

The below information is what I need including in my leaflet. The leaflet is to be A5 size, My Logo must be featured on the leaflet. I am happy for the writing to be in black text or a darker colour and a font that is easy to read. Other colours used - I prefer pinks/purples (colours that match my logo). I have attached my logo and some images of my completed glass, there are also plenty of images on my ETSY site. Please make sure when you use images you remove any background e.g. go round the image of my item.

The leaflet must include:
My Logo (File)
My Website: [login to view URL] - Note this may not work at present (its having maintenance)
Be A5 Size
Images of Items that I make( See my ETSY [login to view URL]
email address: shinyhappygifts@[login to view URL]
Text about what I do/Make - (see below) Please feel free to edit/choose best way of saying below info to make it easy to read, catchy etc.

ShinyHappyGifts makes handmade glass and pottery. We specialize in fused glass and dichroic glass. ShinyHappyGifts makes items from stained glass such as jewellery boxes, window hangers and ornaments to custom designed panels.

We make handbuilt and hand glazed pottery, each item is unique and can produce a commission for you that is 100% unique.

Our handmade items are all designed and created in Yorkshire, items such as glass are sourced locally where possible.

If you are looking for a truly unique handmade item or gift, or want a stained glass panel or art piece creating please visit us on our website, or email where you can purchase items or request a free estimate for your project.

Note: I need these in the next 24 HOURS

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“Great freelancer, really helpful and professional and gets work done fast”

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  • charlottemillsmu
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 8 tháng

    Logo File is called Shiny-01.png

    • cách đây 8 tháng
  • uavprodesigns
    • cách đây 8 tháng

    please upload the file of your logo

    • cách đây 8 tháng
    1. charlottemillsmu
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 8 tháng

      It is file IDSP_SU357 etc

      • cách đây 8 tháng
    2. charlottemillsmu
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 8 tháng

      I will upload one without images around also

      • cách đây 8 tháng

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