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Hi I need Infographic designed for my portal [login to view URL] with below data
I want my website logo to be in the graphic and a text 'produced by [login to view URL]' to be added in the graphic . The final work will be added to here [login to view URL] Logos in various formats are attached.

Use the font Sakkall Majalla only for text

Below is the data

Recruiters - what they say and what they mean

1) The client really likes you, but we’re still looking at other candidates - They have offered someone cheaper, we really hope they accept it so that we don't have to hire a costlier you

2) I was passed your name by a mutual contact who asked to remain confidential - I found you from a Google search, most likely from Linkedin

3) You will hear from us either way - We’ll send you a templated rejection letter from a blind e-mail address

4) The salary depends on experience; there’s no real set amount - it’s in the Recruiter’s best interest to find the lowest paid, and yet most qualified candidate on the market, to increase the margin

5) I’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities - Your resume will sit in our database untouched until you apply for something else

6) Can you stop by at our office, so we can share all the opportunities in person - Our company policy requires us to meet a certain number of candidates per week, this is an outdated approach and waste of both people time

7) We haven’t received any feedback yet - Genuinely they could have no access to hiring manager and may be working with HR only. But, Recruiters want to close every job they work on as fast as they can. They should hear from the client in a week time max.

8) You’re the perfect fit for this job” or “I have a great opportunity for you - Cheesy and outdated icebreaker, Usually used by young and non seasoned recruiters

9) We do not know who the end client is, yet - There could be no end client, in fact this could be a fake role and the recruiter is merely testing the waters about available candidates

10) We cannot submit your application without references - This could be a mere lead generation technique and in all likeliness the role is a fake advertisement

11) Can we meet up for coffee as I am in town tomorrow - He merely wants to know where some good candidates are working, who your supervisors are to fill up their excel sheets with the latest lead information

12) Are you working in tom’s team, or harry's team - He knows nothing about whom the team lead is and wants to know from your mouth

13) Can we contact any of your previous employers on your behalf as a free service - He is trying to increase his client base by trying to know whom to contact, can’t you do this yourself?

14) Can we know about your situation as we have multiple openings - If he has a genuine role, he should talk about a specific role rather than giving vague answers

15) What is your current salary - What salary are you looking for? Is a better question, If he is asking this without providing any information about the role, he is filling up his database with information to pitch another candidate at a cheaper price

16) How are you finding the market, where all have you applied - He wants to find out who all are hiring to pitch his service, and to know if you are frustrated with job search so that he can cut down your rates and increase his margin

17) An architect needs to come down to score your technical test - The technical test is a farce, An architect isn’t needed to evaluate a hello world program

18) Giving a feedback which is not totally in line with how the interview went - He is merely trying to avoid a legal problem by giving a soft or unrelated reason so that you don't sue him for any discrimination

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    Working on it

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  • sumittra
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    please check #9 #10

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    1. yunitasarike1
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      imitators, Copicat

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    Can you please have a look at #7

    Thank you in advance...

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