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Spooky House

A spooky house design with an elegant blue color, present mystique and unique feeling

Bài tham dự cuộc thi #17 cho                                                 I need some Graphic Design for Halloween
Bài tham dự #17

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  • PhotoTomK
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Hi, I need files in eps or ai format (even cdr can be accepted). #17 is good, but if can't be delivered as vector, I can't award it

    • cách đây 10 năm
    1. hugodehuntelaar
      • cách đây 10 năm

      Hi sir, thanks for the response. Do you use the file for the print purpose? The file is a high quality .PSD file that I think is sufficient....or I think I have seen option in Adobe Photoshop to save the .PSD as .EPS that accepted??

      • cách đây 10 năm