I need someone who can create a design which will be printed / embroidered onto a jacket

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My business currently sells mountain/outdoor-themed leisurewear and we're looking to move into jackets and more performance items. Presently, it has been relatively straightforward designing/sourcing designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts etc. but I'm conscious that with more expensive items such as jackets, the design really needs to be spot on and in line with the brand.

I have the style of jacket in mind (a large puffer or a lightweight down jacket) - but I need someone to produce a design for the entire jacket...not just a logo please as I have one of those already. Therefore, any designs would need to show me where on a jacket various elements would go - for example 'Alpine' might be on the chest and a patch might be on the arm.

The ethos of the brand is 'thrills not frills' i.e. keeping things really simple with a distinct outdoors/mountain theme. For example, a jacket design would ideally mention the brand name, 'Alpine Apparel' (or just Alpine), and it might have a few subtle touches like a patch on one arm or some coordinates for a part of the world that is significant to the business. I don't mind the idea of things being big and bold...as long as they're kept simple e.g. ALPINE written across the top of the back wouldn't be out of the question. Again, same with colour - I love a big bright yellow puffer jacket - but the design would need to be simple. Two of our best-selling designs have been the outlines of mountains - one of which was over the top of a few different colours - although I'm not sure how well this would work on a jacket...as these have been on sweatshirts where obviously different designs appeal more.

This is where I'd be looking for a designer who could produce designs that share this simple ethos, that stand out, but aren't overly complex and continue to be recognised as a brand by and for people who love the outdoors. It would also be important to have designs presented in a universally-recognised manner to avoid any issues when orders are placed with suppliers.

I'd love to hear what people have in mind and there's 100% scope for a longer-term partnership as we continue to grow and develop and need new designs. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

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“Foysal produced work quickly, accurate to the brief and communicated well. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ alexgp7, United Kingdom.

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      Hi there - I've got the style of jacket in mind and I have a logo but I would like a design for the jacket please

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