Ice cream cone character

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We want to collaborate with a designer, animator or illustrator to create an ice cream character. The ice cream would specifically sit within or come with a cone as our business is around scooping things. The business specifics aren't related to the character besides the fact we scoop, and ice cream is scooped into a cone.

One attribute on the business that would be nice to come through in this design would be a cheeky and innocent element. Thinking like a smiling assassin, meaning, the character is mischievous and cheeky while appearing honest and kind. This is not to say that the character is not helpful, more so he/she has grand plans and motivations that reach beyond its current circumstance.

We are looking for a fun and scalable character — fun meaning, joyful and cheery. When thinking about expandable, we are thinking about how this base character set could be seen in different positions, situations and poses.

For this design, we would like a set (x4) of poses; we would like the delivered vector files to be editable, layered and flexible. If the vector drawings could come apart to then be able to create more poses from the base poses that would be fantastic. Meaning, we could take a base, a facial expression and an arm to make a new pose.
As this will be editable and we'd want the source files, colours and tones arn't a big deal, we'd love to see your flare come into the character.

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  • LukeFarrugia86
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Hey everybody, just wanted to do a big shout out and thank you all for your time and effort, I have had a lot of fun collaborating with you all.

    • cách đây 1 tháng
    1. Shtofff
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  • LukeFarrugia86
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Hey, the vector would be preferable.

    • cách đây 1 tháng
    1. Maxoverdrawn
      • cách đây 1 tháng

      are you using the image in video or game graphics. otherwise you dont really need a vector just the correct size...

      • cách đây 1 tháng
  • sharkfreelancer
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    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • vijayrai1989
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Will Photoshop file also be acceptable to you?

    • cách đây 1 tháng

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