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Hello everyone,

We will be sourcing oils from a manufacturer. These oils will be blended together (with no chemical agent whatsoever) and sold through our online store / Ebay / Etsy. Our products will primarily be marketed as skincare products and our target market is the glamorous/prestigious/luxurious, similar to SK-2, l’oreal etc. Product draft photo has been attached to help you.

Job description:
- The icons will be as simplistic as possible. It will be used as the first photo in a slideshow on our homepage and the whole point of it is to capture the visitors' attention and telling them what our product is about in 5-8 seconds.
- 4 icons in a landscape format, bearing in mind that the illustration has to be 966PX by 400PX.
- The icons have to be in 2D and in vector format. Same style as icons 3 and 4 - don't go overboard with the colours.
- Icon designs and background colour have to fit in the whole theme of the website - glamorous/prestigious/luxurious. See attachment.
- Logo has been provided in .ai format for icons 3 and 4.
- Everything has to be sized and aligned properly.
- No text permitted, except if it forms part of an icon.

From left to right:

Icon 1: Depict Pristine Oils as a 3-in-1 product: cleanser, moisturiser and make-up remover.

Icon 2: We want to make the consumers understand that there is no one-size fits all when it comes to cleansers. Most of the time our competitors offer a range of products and expect people to fit in a band. Pristine Oils however will offer a wide range of products with the option of tailoring the mixture to suit the consumer. In other words we recognise that everyone's unique with unique needs and we are here to provide that service.

Icon 3 (BASE PROVIDED): Using our logo's outline, represent the action of a pore being cleansed. The aim is to build a story behind that icon and to reinforce that our product really does cleanse the skin. Please do not modify the outline of the logo except for sizing and aligning. Represent a cleansing action inside the outline.

Icon 4 (PROVIDED - NO MODIFICATION EXCEPT FOR SIZING AND ALIGNING): This will be linked to image 3 and it's just our icon with the leaves inside. This symbolises that only natural/organic products have been used, unlike other cleansers which uses harsh chemicals.

Terms: Once approved you are to provide the final files in formats which can be used for ALL PRINT & WEB purposes. WE WILL OWN ALL THE COPYRIGHTS TO THE DESIGN, WITH NO ROYALTIES ATTACHED.


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“A pleasure to work with. Provides timely well-thought out feedback, not afraid to bounce ideas around and extremely fast. Would most definitely re-hire. Looking forward to our next project!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ trevorleung, Australia.

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