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Idea for App name and branding (logo)

The name "GMATE" is based on the word "aenigma" (Enigma in Latin) and the word "Mate" which means "Companion" in English. I hope you like it. Any comments are welcome

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                                         cho                                             Idea for App name and branding (logo)
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  • psycoxand
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    Hi Daniel, thanks for your submit. The more I think and see your logo the more I like it, hopefully it will be good for my partner as well. I just have a request if you don't mind. Following your idea, would it be possible to create something similar to what you have done but instead of "GMATE" using "ENIGMATE" ? Gmate already exists in different forms.

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    1. DaneilRia
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      Of course, i will work on it

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