Illustrate a man and a woman in 6 diffrent situations.

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

In this contest, we are looking for a Illustration of a man and a woman in 6 diffrent situations.

The man mostly has the funny part and needs to look like a snail or at least some parts of it.

The 6 diffrent situations are a part of a story man dating a woman.

Situation 1

(Topic first date)
Both people, man and woman, sit opposite each other at the table.
The woman's sexy eyes rolling. The man is sitting across from her, his eyes staring, his tongue hanging out a little.
And slime should run down his chair.

Situation 2

He sits in front of the PC (monitor) at home and looks at her pretty picture on the Internet. His eyes are wide again and drool is running out of his mouth.

Situation 3

Both on the cell phone. He is alone on the couch writing messages to a woman. Bare chest and hairy dressed only in old-fashioned boxer shorts.
You and 2 friends also look at his messages on the cell phone and laugh.

Situation 4

Man on an old grandma's bike (rusty) with an ostalgic leather helmet on his head (must look funny) - As a thought bubble over his head (the cell phone with text he wrote to her: "I'm coming with my sports car")

Situation 5

In the park ... She's jogging (she's slim). Your shade of sexy curves.
He ... runs after you. In its shadow there is only a snail with stalk eyes, dragging slime.

Situation 6

Man stands in front of a mirror pulls in his stomach and pumps his upper body up. Only shorts on, one hand in the crotch. And takes a selfi of himself with the phone.

Requirements: Colored Illustration, Lineart or handdrawing, its up to u at least it much match our requirements.

Its ok to, show just one Situation, to show us your skills. If we found a winner, we will relase the price Money after you finished all 6 Situations.

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  • Eccaia
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    I would like to participate, but it is difficult to do so when the highest rating is obtained by an image taken from the internet, and that leaves much to be desired.

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • darksparkx
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Do you want the man to actually be a snail-man-hybrid or is the snail a reference to his looks and personality.

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • akarshn
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Please review entry #5 .

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • grozdanic1989
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Could you explain, in a few words, symbolic meaning of the snail? It could help in creating character. Thanks.

    • cách đây 1 tháng

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