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I need to have a few designs to be printed on to fabric, (the attached gives some ideas of what I am looking for) which will mean there will likely be more than one winner for this contest, probably 4-6 in fact. Feel welcome to submit multiple designs. Your designs will not include a baby as per these photos, but they will always need to have a space for a baby to lay down on, so they can be a part of the scene when the photographer is taking a picture from above. The designs will be printed onto fabric which will be 70cm wide x 1.3m long, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY the printable area is 70cm wide x 90cm long PLEASE DO NOT GO OVER THIS SIZE. :-) This means that at either the top or the bottom of the design there will be white space, or alternatively there will be a white space on the left and right sides depending on how place your design (whether it's designed vertically or horizontally) you could also design it with the baby laying on an angle as well. The unprintable area needs to work in with the design, rather than look like we haven't printed on those panels, perhaps if your background design is a colour it needs to have faded out at the printable area. Your design must be highly engaging and cute, I want it to provoke an emotional response! :-) The designs must look real, and have vivid colours without being distasteful, and a high resolution obviously so that they print well! Please ensure that the proportions are correct, as well as remembering that the average newborn baby is approx 52-56cm long. :-) I really want to see your ideas and creativity come alive. Please keep in mind that the baby will be laying on it's back when laying on the design so generally chairs and beds are not ideal unless you are seeing them from the side. I want the baby to look like it is genuinely in the scene. :-)

The finished files need to be layered, as they are being screen printed and all IP and rights transferred as well.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you need to! :-)
Good luck everyone!

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  • LPolonio2013
    • cách đây 5 năm

    I'm interesed in your project, but I have some questions:
    You need a background for take pictures, that's ok?
    The size of the illustration is and you need a space for a baby on the background is'nt?
    The finality of the backgrounds is to take baby pictures?
    An at last..
    Previously ... I 've had bad experiences participating in contests that have not been give..

    • cách đây 5 năm
    1. dreamygroup
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 5 năm

      Hi there, yes I need the background which will need to be high resolution as it is then being printed. The size of the illustration is 70cm wide x 90cm long. And yes I need a space for the baby but the baby doesn't need to be actually designed into the design because I will be placing a real life baby on there! :-) Please don't hesitate to ask more questions if you need. I want to give everyone the best chance to do great work, and win the contest! :-)

      • cách đây 5 năm
  • Skovran
    • cách đây 5 năm

    I speak and understand English very well, but this brief is so confusing, after reading it 3-4 times I still don't understand what has to be done...good luck with your project thought... :S

    • cách đây 5 năm
    1. dreamygroup
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 5 năm

      Sorry. I need a designer to create background scenes. The printable area is 70cm x 90cm. The designs need to be constructed with a baby in mind, as a real baby would be placed on top of the printed design, and then photographed. The total fabric size is 70cm x 1.3m but because of restrictions with the printer, we can't print to the entire size of the material so there will need to be a white area included into the design because the white sheet that we will be using won't be fully printed. Vertical or horizontal designs are fine. A coloured background would need to fade out to white at the non printable area. I need 4 - 6 designs so there will be multiple winners. I need designs for both boys and girls. The designs must be very eye catching, colourful and playful especially when photographed. I will be screen printing them, so I will need the final files to be layered. Does this make sense?

      • cách đây 5 năm

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