Illustrate Something for a blog post - a simple restaurant and TV scene

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Hello and thank you for viewing our design contest! We are an audiology clinic that specializes in diagnosis of hearing loss and rehabilitation for hearing loss that is not medically treatable. Part of that rehabilitation involves understanding the communication process, where communication break-downs are common, and how to fix those break-downs, or even better yet how to prevent them from happening. We are preparing a series of blog posts that discuss these topics and would like to have two illustrations of scenarios completed to help us explain these topics and give examples. The first scenario is a restaurant scene and the second scenario is an at-home-watching-tv scene. Below is a list of people and things that must be included in the scenes for us to be able to use the designs. Furthermore, the things in the descriptions that are bolded must also be present in the scene in order for us to use the designs.
First, please see the attachment for our very crude drawings of what we would like to see.
Restaurant Scene:
1) A booth where two people are talking. One of these people is the person who has a hearing loss, and is having difficulty hearing everything that is being said. The question mark in the cloud bubble above this person’s head may be a good way to demonstrate this. The other person is a friend who is saying “Happy Birthday”, with a smile on his/her face. The font for “Happy Birthday” demonstrates that it is being said loudly.
2) A server standing by that booth, with a tray with a cup of coffee on it and he/she is saying “Our coffee machine is broken, but our espresso machine is working—so I brought you an Americano instead of a regular coffee.” Ideally, the font for the words espresso, Americano, and regular coffee would look blurred, as if to demonstrate visually that the words are hard to hear.
3) A person walking in the door (waving and saying hello)
4) A kitchen in the background where a lot of noise is being made
5) A speaker on the wall/ceiling, where there is clearly loud music being played.
6) The floor is a clearly a hard surface—tile for example.
At-Home-Watching-TV Scene:
1) A person, who has a hearing loss, and is having difficulty hearing everything that is being said, is sitting watching TV. He is saying “the foxes have been unleashed???”.
2) A TV, which is clearly on and the volume is loud.
3) A second person, who is behind the person watching TV, saying “Alan is here and the boxes need to be unloaded.” We would like to visually show that the person is talking quickly and that the words are running together.
4) The floor is clearly a hard surface—wood for example. A rug is on this floor.
5) A large window with the curtains pulled away so the room is light. The curtains must be fabric.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for considering our project!

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  • akazuk
    • cách đây 6 năm

    Can you please give us an example of what kind of style do you want us yo use in your illustration ? Do you want something more realistic ? Or more like a cartoon ? Thank you so much for taking time to answer our questions.

    • cách đây 6 năm
    1. larenalewchuk
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 6 năm

      Cartoon style is good. We want to keep it fun and simple but with all the required elements. Thank you!

      • cách đây 6 năm

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