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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I require 2 'cartoon' style images to be used to demonstrate a product. Must be professional quality - no 'childish' or 'amateur' designs. I will attach samples to give an idea of the 'style' we are looking for - however these are only a guide. NOTE - I do not own the copyright to these sample images. This is provided purely as an example of the STYLE - not the content. Bearing this in mind, I am open to any other professional styles you would like to present. Please do *not* directly copy these images.

I would like the images provided as an Adobe Illustrator files (ai) so that we can scale it.

The purpose of the two images is to illustrate a scene of two people interacting, with the second image being a close up view seen as if through the eye of a 16:9 camera.

The background for both images is all white, with only the subject matter described below in the image.

The first image needs to portray an attractive young western style woman, stylishly dressed, high heels, knee length skirt, seated on a stool, ankles crossed, hands in her lap. She can be any race - it is irrelevant. she needs to be facing the viewer but turned slightly to her right - that is, facing the second woman. We should see her entire body in the frame. Beside / in front of her (left of frame) is another professional looking woman facing her, but seen by the viewer in a slight profile or possibly 3/4 from behind, dressed in a knee length 'lab-coat' style outfit. The second woman is applying rouge or other makeup to the first woman (ie. with a makeup brush / rouge to the cheek or similar). We should also see the second womans full body in the frame. Again, the race of the second woman can be anything - it is irrelevant. This image should be formatted to a 4:3 ratio, but as it is all white background and we see the full body of both the aspect ratio isn't vital.

The second image is a close-up view of the first woman's head & shoulders, with just the hand of the second woman holding the makeup brush and applying it to the first woman's face. This needs to be a direct, front-on-view of the face of the first woman. The first woman's whole head and shoulders should be in the frame. The expression on the first woman's face and the position of the brush / hand of the second woman should be the same as the first image, however it should be looking directly at the first woman. This image should be formatted to a 16:9 ratio.

Both women should show make up on their face - lipstick, rouge, eye makeup, eye-lashes etc. It should be a little sexy, but not slutty. Professional, but provocative.

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“Followed the brief exactly - good communication and understanding. Would definately be happy to use again should the need arise.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ ahsawk, Australia.

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