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on 19/9 updated with examples from open source icon

Icons must be user friendly, universally, and easy to understand, visually pleasing, consistent with the existing design, simple and schematic.
See FIGMA ( ) for current design and colors to be used
Provide the icons in a FIGMA project link.

Icons list:

Application Menu icons:
1) Open current session: go to current running session (session window is seen in attached session.png, so the icon shall be imply to this screen)
2) Clients: navigate to clients list page, client page is a list of clients used in the system. example:
3) Compliance: navigate to page with list of users activities in the system. example:
4) Users: navigate to page to add/ remove/ update users of the system. example:
5) Report: open system report page (report is graphs and table) example:
6) Protocols: navigate to protocol configurations page (protocol is set of predefined key values that manage the system operation). example: but diffrent from the next one
7) System Config: navigate to global system configurations page. example:
8) Problem Report: opens request for remote support (I need help). example: or or
9) Help: open help page example:
10) Logout: logout. (exit door with an arrow)

General actions (See FIGMA for actual location):
Action 1) Edit icon: in some components user shall be able to click on an and it will opens for him an edit dialog.
Action 2) Open Client Record: navigate and opens the client information page.
Action 3) Start Session: Start session for the client. Session is the task the system is performing (it is a king of treatment) similar to 1 at the top, with a 'play sign, or
Action 4) Questionnaire: Open questionnaire dialog for the selected client. . or or
Action 5) Report: Open report for selected session.

Report 6) Report : Update report titles icons.
6.1 Cycles comments
6.2 Training summary
6.3 Cycles report graphs or
6.4 Pre-training Questionnaires scores with indication for before
6.5 End training Questionnaires scores with indication after

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    Start with 2-3 icons to present your ideas

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