Improve design of my service packages on my website. Create a form.

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I'm looking to improve the user experience on my WordPress website by introducing interactive and dynamic service package selections with real-time pricing calculations. The website is bilingual, and these improvements will need to function in both languages.

Best design example will win the project and will go live.

In simple terms I need a form. Estonian and English. Site has WPML

Core Requirements:

Interactive Service Selection:

Implement a select-and-drag feature for service packages.
Provide visual animations or transitions as services are selected.
Real-Time Price Calculation:

Develop a feature to update total price instantly as users select or customize their packages.
Display the updated price in a side panel or fixed footer for constant visibility.
Multilingual Support:

Ensure all new features work seamlessly in both languages available on the website.
Customizable Packages:

Allow users to add or remove services from standard packages, which should impact the total price dynamically.
Customer Detail Collection Form:

After package selection, include a form to collect customer details: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Business Name, and Business Address.
The form should include validation and a user-friendly layout.
Post-Form Submission Call to Action:

Automate a call-to-action for clients to install the Worker plugin from after they have submitted their details.
Provide instructions for website ownership verification with a connection key entry field.
WordPress and Avada Theme Compatibility:

Ensure all new features are compatible with the WordPress platform and Avada theme.
Backend integration is required for dynamic content management and form submissions.
Testing and Feedback:

The system should be thoroughly tested across all browsers and devices.
Collect and analyze user feedback for continuous improvement.
Skills Required:

Expertise in JavaScript for frontend development
Proficiency in PHP and WordPress development for backend integration
Experience with responsive design and cross-browser compatibility
Knowledge of the Avada theme is a plus

A fully functional, interactive package selection system integrated into the current website
Backend logic for real-time pricing and form submission handling
Documentation on the usage and maintenance of the new features

Needs to be editable in the future. Needs to be mobile, ipad and desktop friendly.

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