Label design for Hemp/Cbd product

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Company: Ignite Organics
I would like a label design for a CBD tincture. Sleep
Use the label template attached [login to view URL]
watch video of guidelines for label.... [login to view URL]

To ensure the best print quality you'll want to ensure your labels use vector graphics where possible (excluding any photographs). For this we would recommend using Adobe Illustrator. There is other various vector-based software on the market but Illustrator is what will be used to proof the files for print.

When prepping the file for print please ensure all of the items below are checked. We will be looking for all of these things during the approval process, we will be able to make quick edits on the easier issues but some of these items might require you to make the changes and upload a new version to get the label approved.

During the QC check of the label, there is always the chance that a formulation has been updated or the the supplement facts panel has been altered. If this happens the label will be rejected with instructions on how to fix the errors.
Design in a CMYK format (not RGB).
Upload the label without the “Information” layer (hide this layer, including the Bleed & Safe outlines).
All vector text AND pathways should be converted to outlines.
Save the file as a PDF
Ensure all product claims have a † after them
All critical elements (text, images, graphic elements, logos, etc.) must be kept inside the red line. Anything left outside of the red area may be cut off during printing.

Make sure to extend the background artwork, images or colors to the edge of the blue outline.

A unique barcode will be applied to your label in the area marked. Do not apply any color, images or graphics in this area as they will be overwritten. Remove the text "Bar-Code Zone" and leave this area white and clear of any artwork.

In the section Manufactured for:
Ignite Organics LLC
1621 Central Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001
[login to view URL]

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“It took longer than expected... The freelancer made lots of attempt/revisions to get label correct. Once I found the solution he was able to implement it.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ kidringo, United States.

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  • Pulakbindu
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    I have new design but Time is over, sorry.

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  • Pulakbindu
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    Thank for your rating. If Any help regarding design & Printing, I Have 14 years experience in print media.

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  • sohelrana210005
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    please check #48

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