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Odd Brothers is a Multi-Media company that offers services to various industries. We are looking for a dedicated Lead Generation Specialist to help us find potential clients in the New York and Long Island region. As the Lead Generation Specialist, your main task is to discover and gather contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, and names from various businesses. Because of the nature of my business, various types of industries are in need of the services we offer, which is why you will be in charge of targeting generating leads for several industries such as but not limited to Restaurants, Hotels, Doctors Offices, Dental Offices, Construction Companies, Law Offices, etc. However, I will instruct you to generate leads for each of these industries project to project. We will take this one industry and project at a time. As the lead generator, you will be responsible for researching and identifying potential customers, and creating a master lead sheet. You will need to be creative, efficient, and skilled in your approach to ensure success. I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable in lead generation processes, understands how to effectively utilize email marketing strategies, and has experience.
Proficiency and understanding of the english language is a must !

To know more about the services we offer at Odd Brothers, our services include Video Production, Content Creation, Promotional Videos, Testimonial Videos, Creative Marketing, and Social Media Management, and we serve a wide range of businesses in the digital age.

1. **Finding Leads:** Use advanced methods and tools to find contact details of potential clients in New York and Long Island.

2. **Data Collection:** Ensure the information you gather is accurate and up-to-date.

3. **Market Research:** Stay informed about industry trends and what businesses in the area need.

- Proven experience in finding leads, preferably in a similar industry.
- Proficiency in lead generation tools and methods.
- Dedication to consistently providing high-quality results.
- Ability to adapt to different types of businesses.
- Strong communication skills in English.
- Self-motivated and can work independently.
- Detail-oriented to ensure data accuracy.
- Previous experience is a plus.

(IMPORTANT) Interested candidates must showcase their work by generating dental offices in the New York / Long Island Region. We are not looking for massive chains, but small to medium sized businesses, and private practitioners. Please collect names, emails, and phone numbers, along with the website of the establishment.

Join Odd Brothers Multi-Media and be part of our creative and dynamic team! We look forward to welcoming a Lead Generation Specialist who is ready to help us grow in the digital media industry in the New York and Long Island region.

To learn more about Odd Brothers Multi-Media, visit our website: www.oddbrothers.com

Good luck to all applicants!
Pete N. Condoleon
Founder, Odd Brothers Multi-Media

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