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We want to re-image the company particularly for our vehicles and our [url removed, login to view] have a [url removed, login to view] - which may reveal a bit more about us
My name is Ross [url removed, login to view] landscapes is a business I started in 1979.
We are based in [url removed, login to view] familiar with the geography of South East Queensland would know that Logan City is south of Brisbane on the way to the Gold Coast.
Since the rise of Google search,the name "Logan Landscapes" attracts people from Logan ,not from Brisbane.
I have acquired 2 domain name [url removed, login to view]
which I run through Sensis
I also have [url removed, login to view]
Neither of these sites has any real presence on the web.I just wasted a couple of minutes trying to find them on google search.
Logan Landscapes is a medium sized landscape business employing 10 -12 people .We have numerous vehicles,trucks ,and earth moving plant.
The contest
Initially,the contest to simply design a logo.
I would like the logo to have green and white as the main colours
I would like to use a reptile - frog -something very colourful -stripes spots ok
The logo needs to be bright so it complements our fluoro safety clothes

These logos will be on the side of my vehicles .They are all white except 2 new Mazda utes which are metallic brown and a dark blue
I will also be using the logo on our shirts, which are “high vis” orange or yellow. This logo (or a derivite) would also be used on letter head’s, document templates and company brochures.

Corporate identity
Logan Landscapes has many corporate clients -such as ALDI- where we had have landscaped 52 stores,
KKFC stores 82 stores, Brisbane City Council and other long standing commercial .Allclients. All our clients know how good we are at our job.
We work with clients for better value outcomes, we hit our budget and schedules, we stand by our projects and fix any problems which may arise – Logan Landscapes has existed since 1979.
With our longstanding clients, we have a relationship where we provided alternatives and design recommendations to hit a budget.

I want to be able to communicate our skills with new clients, and this is really targeting medium sized industrial, commercial and council projects or very large residential projects. Our best value areas are soft landscaping, where our expertise in plant sourcing, installation and establishment set’s us apart from our competitors. We still do retaining walls, concreting and paving where required but focus on soils, grass and turf, bio-detention basins, irrigation, garden plant’s and trees.

This will require a better website and [url removed, login to view] in the first instance, I would like the logo and then someone who can help in the future.

Logan Landscapes has to be on the logo but Brisbane Landscape Services can have equal billing.

If you want to hear more or my story or photos of machines
please ask ?

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