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Africa 2020:
‘The 2020s will be the decade Africa steps onto the global stage and shows its real potential and relevance’.

The continent of Africa is birthing some of the most exciting new technology on the planet. From the mass take up of mobile money solutions in Kenya to agri-tech in Ethiopia, to new forms land registration using blockchain systems in Uganda. Technology is changing the way Africa is developing within itself and the paradigms through which people view previously-maligned countries such as Rwanda. Through need or necessity (and/or a growing continental reluctance to further be beholden or burdened with traditional modes of development, debilitating global financial systems and their legacy structures), Africa is increasingly turning to new technology to redefine its relevance and self-determination in the global ecosphere as we move forward into a new decade.

‘Africa 2020’ aims to disrupt this and demand action, to go beyond ‘thinking’ to actionable, visible, documented technology-led development drives and exercises in the year 2020 that coherently set the tone for the rest of the 2020s.

“Africa 2020”

● The Africa 2020 project champions the coherent technological growth and the advanced economic development of Africa
● Africa 2020 will aim to connect various stakeholders involved in the development of Africa from governments to technology firms, from international agencies to financial institutions.
● It will showcase real case studies of progressive-technology use in different regions within Africa and discuss/ appraise the potential impacts and outlooks
● Its audience (B2B: tech/ entrepreneurial/ social sector/ business/ current affairs/ governmental/ agency/ financial/ investing/ impact investing) is intelligent, progressive, savvy, socially-aware, has a cursory understanding of technology in different forms, has a good understanding of geography, global politics and current affairs
● The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Rwanda, June 2020 will be a key milestone for Africa 2020
● Our aim is to get many of the key stakeholders, investors, companies and countries that are involved in the CHOGM Rwanda event engaged with our thinking and drive before the event. (Africa 2020 goes some way to mandating these parties to come together to work in immediate cross-party consensus, sharing and driving the development-through-technology of Africa).
● It is linked to Ecocapacity who will take the lead on the project and set the initial agenda, but the cause will be a cooperative effort between a range of parties, partners, agencies, departments and other stakeholders.

Design Brief

The logo and associated materials need to take into account the following thoughts and considerations:

● Combination mark or Emblem
● Clearly instantly recognisable, memorable, original. Makes a bold statement
● Towards/ between: Modern, mature, sophisticated, learn-ed, gender neutral, economic, geometric
● A style that looks cerebral and intelligent, but also bold and accessible
● Strong but unfussy
● Strategic use of colour - it shouldn’t be colourful (‘happy’) for colour’s sake, the lettering should be quite conservative in colour perhaps?
● It has to hint at technology and innovation/ new frontiers/ breaking new ground/ The juxtaposition between old and new/ Tradition to modernity/ From heritage to technology to legacy
● It clearly has to be about Africa
● The Africa letters could be in a progressive/ future font without being too far out there (it has to maintain the integrity of a serious journal and organisation on a global stage) - it has to marry progression with ‘strong and stable’, perhaps a style that implies mathematics/ logic, technology/ reasoning

(The below is a mock example created as a guide):

Tag example:

Beyond Thinking
Heritage Technology Legacy
Development > Technology
Technology > Development
New Thinking

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