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Company history: I own an electronics recycling business. I used freelancer to design my company logo, and now I am expanding into another business which primarily sells PC and Apple computers. We sell refurbished desktops and laptops. I am developing a new brand to add value to this resale division of an already existing business.

Branding: The word adapt by definition: make something suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.
And that's exactly what we are doing with the used technology. We are giving it a new purpose, and making it usable. And that's the inspiration behind the name "Adapted Computers".

The computers we sell are VERY thoroughly tested. We emphasize the quality of our products, and add value with extras such as integrated system backups, recovery flash drives, bootable media, etc. We would like the same quality and reliability to be emphasized with our marketing materials as well.

What I am looking for:
I am looking for a logo which will be used on our website, marketing materials, and will be manufactured as a badge on the computers we sell. Something which signifies the company which refurbished and tested the computer.

The logo:
The logo must be representative of something found in nature which is capable of adapting and evolving. If you're the creative type and you want to create something unique, run with it and let me see what you come up with. I had originally envisioned a tree, which has a computer theme similar to circuitry, which can in a subtle way without being too large of an image, show how technology has evolved. This may be difficult to describe, but essentially a tree of life fused with technology. (Or something similar if you come up with something creative)

The logo must be a flat design. No glossy or 3d shaped effects. Solid colors. Think of how Windows 8 looks with the tile icons, it's all a flat design.

I have included some example photos of flat designed icons. The last time I did a freelancer project people didn't quite understand what it meant so I'm including an example about what I mean by a flat logo.

The file must be made using adobe illustrator, saved as a .AI file so it can be in the vector format, to scale the drawing for large and small sizes.
Any designs which are unique and convey the brand image as well as functionality will be given preferred treatment.

Thank you in advance for your designs! I am looking forward to seeing what amazing things the freelancer community comes up with!

The example photo isn't what I want it to look like, it was just an example of what flat design looks like.

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