Logo Design for a Coaching Brand

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Brand Name: Inspiration Coaching

Tagline: Insight | Influence | Impact

Brand Essence and Values:
Inspiration Coaching is built on the values of honesty, integrity, fun, wisdom, collaboration, creativity, and celebration. The brand represents a community of purpose-driven individuals committed to making a positive difference in the world. Our ethos emphasizes ethical conduct, a drive to do good for all living things, and a focus on being purpose-driven rather than purely profit-driven. We aim to inspire, engage, connect, and uplift our audience, providing them with the courage to stand up for their beliefs in a world that often challenges them.

Target Audience:
Our primary audience is purpose-led business owners who are passionate about making a meaningful impact in their industries and the world. These are visionary leaders seeking to integrate their personal values with their professional endeavors, focusing on ethical leadership and sustainable business practices.

Color Palette:

Primary Colors: Shades of blue and green, symbolizing trust, balance, growth, and harmony.
Background: Clean and minimalist white to convey clarity and simplicity.
Logo Style:

A combination of a text-based logo with a clean, pure symbol.
The symbol should subtly embody the essence of inspiration, unity, and positive change.
The design should be modern and minimalist, reflecting a sense of clarity and purpose.

Modern, clean, and easily readable font style.
Should convey professionalism while being approachable and friendly.
Design Inspirations:

Inspired by modern and minimalist aesthetics, akin to Apple's design language.
Focus on simplicity, clarity, and elegance.
Tone and Mood:

The branding should be professional, friendly, and welcoming.
It should resonate as inclusive, non-preachy, and capable of building strong rapport with the audience.
Application of Branding:

Versatile for use on online platforms (websites, social media), as well as print materials (business cards, handouts, brochures).
Additional Notes:

The design should be adaptable and scalable, maintaining its impact and legibility across various sizes and applications.
No specific additional elements or graphics have been requested at this time.

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