Logo Design For an Agriculture Park

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Project Title: Logo Design for "The Mah-Ah Walk" Agriculture Park/Farm

We are excited to invite talented and creative logo designers to participate in our logo design contest for "The Mah-Ah Walk" Agriculture Park/Farm. This park, a tribute to our client's grandmother, who was a remarkable farmer, holds a special place in our hearts. We are looking for a logo that captures the bold, calm, and marvelous essence of the park, with a touch of the Caribbean vibe.

Qualities of the Logo:

Bold, Calm, Marvelous, Nature: The logo should exude a sense of strength and tranquility while celebrating the marvels of nature found in the agriculture park.
Color Palette:

Nature Palette: Green, Yellow, Brown, Red - Feel free to use these colors creatively to represent the vibrancy and diversity of the park. You are not required to incorporate all colors, but these form the color scheme.
Key Elements:

Main Fruit Trees, Coconut Trees, Sunflowers, Hibiscus: These are the main features of the park and should be subtly integrated into the design.
Grandmother with Basket: A central element should depict the client's grandmother walking with a basket on her head, as a heartfelt tribute and a nod to the park's namesake.

Caribbean Feel: Infuse the design with a touch of the Caribbean, bringing warmth and a tropical vibe to the logo.
Logo Composition:

We are looking for a combination of text and icon logo design. The text should prominently feature "The Mah-Ah Walk."
Ideal Skills and Experience:

Proficiency in Logo Design: Showcase your strong portfolio featuring past work in logo design.
Experience in Agriculture/Nature Themes: Demonstrate experience in creating logos that represent agriculture or nature themes.
Seamless Text and Icon Integration: Ability to seamlessly incorporate both text and icon elements into a cohesive design.
Attention to Detail and Creativity: Attention to detail is crucial, and we are looking for a creative approach that captures the essence of the agriculture park.
Efficiency and Time Management: Project completion is needed ASAP, so the ability to work quickly and efficiently is a plus.
Submission Requirements:

I will need the files in PNG, JPEG, PDF and EPS
Successful completion of this project may lead to future design collaborations.
We look forward to receiving your designs and welcoming the selected designer to our team for future projects. All The Best!

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Phản hồi của người thuê

“"I would like to express my appreciation for Mrittika's deep understanding of our brand values and the design brief. She initially demonstrated a remarkable ability to develop a design that seamlessly integrated creative elements while paying meticulous attention to detail, effectively capturing the essence of our brand identity. However, as we moved into the revision phase and requested the files in specific formats, I encountered challenges. The quality of the files was lacking, and disappointingly, the design for editable formats lacked the expected organization with grouped and layered elements. While our communication at the beginning of the project was excellent, I observed a decline in responsiveness when I sought revisions. Despite providing an additional opportunity to address the issues with the editable files, it proved unsuccessful. On a positive note, I want to encourage Mrittika to continue refining her skills in creating clean vector designs and to place a stronger emphasis on communication. With dedication and practice, there's no doubt that she has the potential to become an expert in her field. I believe that perseverance will be key to her growth and success. Keep going, and don't give up—you have the talent to achieve great things in your career."”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Stunland, France.

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