Logo Design for Consultancy Company

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Hello Freelancer Community!

And thank you upfront for taking your time and reading carefully through the project description.

Client: mAdvisory (we are open to different variants of spelling, i.e. M Advisory, mAdvisory, madvisory, etc. bearing in mind the brief below)

Client description:
A boutique consulting company offering professional services to a large variety fo business entities. Founded by a person with +10 years of managerial experience (including C-suite roles) across different sectors and industries (including but not limited to gambling, gaming, defence, ecommerce, policy development, academia). Working closely with both big brands as well as startups. Business is based on the personal brand and connection of the founder / owner (the M in the name comes from the surname).

Key services offered include, but are not limited to strategy consulting, business advisory, business planning, policy advisory, competitive intelligence, as well as training and coaching.

Key objective:
Creating a logo, including an ideogram (sign, icon) to be used mostly in personal interactions (on business cards, invoices, letterheads). Limited application in the Internet will most likely include Twitter and LinkedIn. Possible future applications could include small personal gifts.

Core target: High-level professionals (C-suite, VP, senior staff in academia, public administration, military and politics), both in Poland and internationally. Please note that this doesn't necessary mean that the core target is very advanced in age - we are looking more at high-achievers, people aged 35-50, aware of technology, new trends and expecting the same from their partners.
Broad target: The broad professional community. People interested in various industries, especially gambling and defence, their business partners, suppliers, employees. Also people involved in academia (professors, advisors, teachers) as well as the think-tank community.

Branding / expected brand reception:
A trusted partner and advisor in complex environments.
A company delivering upon its promise to provide great results.
A good source of knowledge, training and coaching for experienced professionals.
A company able to connect experience and professionalism with energy and innovations.
Not afraid of modern world, including technology. Not only for old people.


We are looking forward to your submissions. Feel free to ask additional questions if needed.

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“Excellent work was done by Dimitrije! Proficient in graphic design, great communication throughout the project and a sound understanding of project description. Would hire again and would recommend.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ sebecq, Poland.

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