Logo Design for Environmental Consultancy

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Brief for Company Logo & Branding

We are launching a consultancy called Little Footprints that will help nurseries (guarderías) in Spain to become environmentally friendly in terms of their policies, products and activities.
Our company slogan is For childcare, that cares but this will be in Spanish.
Our new consultancy (Little Footprints) is focused on helping nurseries transition to being more environmentally friendly in their practices and products to create a toxic free environment that is better for children’s health. Little Footprints will also cover product supply of environmentally products such as nappies, wipes and cleaning products as well as marketing services to help nurseries communicate on their green credentials to customers.
At this stage we require a logo only but are looking to find a designer to work with for our branding in the future.
The name refers to the idea of little children, taking small steps to make a big difference, but above all it refers to the idea of a reduced environmental footprint.

Vision & Mission:
To support parents and nurseries (guarderías) in creating a toxic free environment for children’s health and to protect the environment.
We wish to create a network of nurseries (guarderías) throughout Spain that are committed to becoming modern and sustainable by offering environmentally friendly, toxic free childcare options to parents throughout the country.

Target Audience:
Our (Little Footprints) target audience are managers and owners of nurseries (guarderías) across the Spanish market who will become our direct clients. In addition, parents of children who attend nurseries (guarderías) and preschools who want the best for their children’s health and care about the environment.
The age range is 29 to 45 years old, male & female but mainly female, university educated.

Word Cloud:
Protection, Children, Environment, Education, Toxic Free, Green, Health, Modern, Sustainable

Brand Image:
We are looking for a logo design that captures the idea of protecting children and the environment. Our customer base are owners of nurseries as well as parents of young children who attend the nursery. It is important that the image does not come across as too ‘green’ or environmental as we do not want to look like a charity or NGO.
Our overall brand image is optimistic, innocent, caring, solution focused, logical, easy.
Our colour scheme has not been finalized and we are looking for input on this however a base colour that we are working with is Cyan #008b8b.

• Little Footprints will be the first consultancy of its kind in Spain, and we are therefore pioneers in this field, it will offer:
o Auditing the nursery and providing recommendations for environmentally friendly practices
o Sourcing and supplying green products such as nappies, wipes, cleaning products etc.
o Digital marketing & Communication services to communicate on their achievements in becoming green
• We are passionate about making the green choice the easy choice, but also to make it profitable for nurseries as a business
• Little Footprints will be the first to supply completely compostable baby wipes that are chemical free and can be composted with organic waste in public bins
• The pandemic has led to a rise in the use of harsh chemical cleaning products that are harmful to children’s health, we plan to educate and provide highly effective, toxic free alternatives
• The nursery sector in Spain is over saturated with too many nurseries, that means that those that do survive need to differentiate themselves to compete – we want them to do this by turning green

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“very professional and with great ideas, took feedback really well and got us exactly what we wanted.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ lplaut, United Kingdom.

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