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**this logo contest is for my wife's brand, I'm helping her with marketing aspects such as getting a logo -- here's what she wrote:

I need a logo designed for the rebranding of my brand "Riskypsy" to the new name of "Pengwinning".

"Riskypsy" was originally a combination of the word "Risky" (because I changed my life halfway through and want to encourage people to take more risks) and "Gypsy" (as a nod to my family's cultural heritage in Romania, and also as a reference to the fact that I lived for a year on the road while I traveled and worked remotely).

"Pengwinning" is obviously a combination of "Penguin" and "Winning". I wanted a brand name that could be a verb (e.g. "we're going Pengwinning this weekend!"). Penguins are my favorite animal and have a whimsical, light-hearted character to them. It's also always been the codeword my husband and I use when we want to take a sudden detour to explore something while traveling.

Riskypsy was primarily a travel-oriented brand, but Pengwinning will involve more creative activities (photography, art, short stories, etc.) in addition to travel. I'm also planning to write a second book at some point that incorporates my experiences creating content and sharing it with people (something that still terrifies me!). This brand will be used for that as well.

I used an AI image generator to seed some ideas (see attachments) but obviously only as a way to get started -- I'm open to any suggestions from you as a designer/artist even if they deviate from what I'm already suggesting! Art & design are two skills I *don't* have as a strength!

Here are comments I have on what the AI generated (and an obvious vindication that the world still needs artists like you!):

1) I like that he obviously looks like he's about to take an action, e.g. start walking with his luggage.

2) Suitcase is bad, looks like a trolley.

3) Should be holding the champagne (although my husband disagrees because he likes that the glass looks like he's using it as a fancy cane).

4) I like the minimalist, one-line sort of feel.

1) I like the luggage being prominent (I blog a lot about travel).

2) I like the champagne glass.

3) I'm undecided on the side-facing aspect vs. having the character looking at the viewer.

4) There's almost a bit of subtext in the curved lines above the glass because they look like some icons for RSS feeds or for podcasts etc. -- content/communication.

1) I like that he's jovial/jolly/chubby

2) I like that his hat is smaller and offset

3) I like the generally "having a fun time" feel of the character.

1) Like the top hat

2) Like the English/Victorian style tuxedo (maybe bowtie maybe not)

3) Needs much better suitcase

4) Like him holding a champagne glass but it's too large in this iteration.

1) Like that the luggage is obviously part of the icon

2) Like that he's looking at the champagne.

3) Like the more minimalist feel.

4) Champagne glass is too large.

1) I like that he's cute.

2) I like that the concept of photographing the champagne glass with a camera is inverted with the camera on the ground and the glass in his hand.

3) I like the bubbles!

1) Not suitable for a logo, but like the general feel.

2) Like the suitcase

3) Like it on top of suitcase

4) Like that they're staring into the distance.

I'll be updating all of my channels with the new branding, but here are the current links so you can get a feel for what the brand is about:

Instagram account (photography aesthetic/feel might give context): https://www.instagram.com/riskypsy_/

Website/Blog (some of the articles might inspire you): https://www.riskypsy.com/

Book "What to do When Nothing is Wrong": https://www.amazon.com/What-Do-When-Nothing-Wrong/dp/1540772438

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