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HI guys, i am starting an online commerce store called [url removed, login to view], can be entered at [url removed, login to view] (its still on the testing stage). I would like it to be the top right of my site (where the current ugly logo is located) I want the theme color of the logo to be HOT PINK and Black. Moreover, i want the design to be clean, modern, simple, and chic. Moreover, a favicon is required to be made that would go along with the logo and also Facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, and pinterest logos to go according to logo theme (they are at the bottom of the page, looks quite bad)

Target Market:
Females/ladies aged 17-43
Income bracket: middle to mid low
Types of shoppers: people who are looking for good deals. deals that are worth their money. Customers are therefore more detailed and cautious with their purchases.

File types: .png .jpg .jpeg

thanks a lot and happy designing,

may the best design win!

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“thanks alot! AMAAAAZING work. really glad on your input and thoughts! keep up with the good work. I shall be sending you another project soon!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ tnonsrichai, China.

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  • SerMigo
    • cách đây 4 năm

    feedback #86

    • cách đây 4 năm
  • designerasse
    • cách đây 4 năm

    check pmb tnx

    • cách đây 4 năm
  • stanbaker
    • cách đây 4 năm

    Please review my submissions numbers 80, 81 and 82. Thank you.

    • cách đây 4 năm
  • Designer0713
    • cách đây 4 năm

    #45 Please see my design! Thanks! :)

    • cách đây 4 năm
    1. tnonsrichai
      Người tổ chức Cuộc thi
      • cách đây 4 năm

      thanks alot, please take out the .com and the "online store" at the bottom, can i see it in neon pink and black/black color please? thanks a lot

      • cách đây 4 năm
    2. Designer0713
      • cách đây 4 năm

      #46 :) See PMB! :)

      • cách đây 4 năm

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