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Logo Design for BusePawPrints4Life

Project Overview:
- I am looking for a logo that reflects the elegant and sophisticated style of my brand, BusePawPrints4Life (or Buse Paw Prints 4 Life. Which ever looks better in the logo).
- The logo should incorporate a puppy element, reflecting the core values and purpose of my brand.
- I am open to suggestions for the colour scheme, allowing the designer to showcase their creativity and expertise.

Ideal Skills and Experience:
- Graphic designer with experience in creating elegant and sophisticated logos.
- Strong understanding of animal symbolism and the ability to incorporate it effectively into the logo design.
- Creative thinker who can suggest an appropriate colour scheme that complements the elegant and sophisticated style.

We sell cavapoos (cavalier and poodle cross) and schnoodles (schnauzer and poodle cross). If the logo can somehow incorporate a poodle or simular looking dog more or less that would be cool. Also, we do like the idea of gold for the colour scheme... But we are honestly open to all designs. Buse is our last name, PawPrints4Life is the company name. So for the logo we need the Buse to be separated, and PawPrints4Life together OR all together. I don't like Buse Paw separate from Prints4Life.

However, we are open to all kinds of entries and designs.

(EDIT: I like some of the entries so far. Can I get some entries with a pawprint as/in the logo? I'm looking for some more diverse entries...)

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