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My name is Honza, I am from czech republic but I presently live in usa state connecticut. My profession is a lumberjack, tree climber and arborist. I have been doing this job for 12 years.
Two years ago, my wife and I established a specialized tree company called Arbor Pro LLC. We are subcontracting highly skilled tree climbers for other tree companies to do most difficult and complicated tree removals, tree rigging, crane assisted removals and logging operations. Who needs a really good tree climber or aerial worker is reaching to us.
Climbing trees is very demanding job. Climber is equipped with rope, flip line, saddle, spikes on the boots and other necessary gear. He/she also carries powerful chainsaw of various sizes to cut branches and wood up on the tree. Each worker is also protected by several pieces of PPE helmet, chainsaw pants, gloves and glasses.
This is very very dangerous job. One of the three jobs with the highest mortality in the usa. That's why we only hire the best people to work in our team.
I suggest you check out some of the work at our facebook page:

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As our company growing and we are presenting ourselves to the public we really need a good logo.

Where this logo will be presented:
- business cards
- shirts, t shirts, jackets, hats etc.
- cars, trucks and equipment
- estimates, invoices, mail and other office paperwork

How the logo should look like:
- tree work related design
- simple pallet, 3 colors plus black
please create your design in several color options
- motiv readable from distance
- create logo with and without the company name in it

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