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Please Read Carefully as I am putting in the time to explain to you what I want to do and how you can also benefit in the long run.

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE - I want to make a logo for my Course Creation Website. I am a Marine Veteran and I want to inspire all Military Members that are looking to get out after their 4-year term and have no idea what they are looking to do in the "Civilian World".

THE REASON - I felt the same way when I left the Military and I was disoriented and confused, as well as, depressed.

MY MISSION - Is to liberate as many Military members as possible from the 9-5 world and instill in them the world of possibilities Online through my online course.

MY STORY - I am a Marine Veteran and I have been a brick and mortar entrepreneur for the past 20 years. I have seen it all, I have built Million Dollar Businesses, Brick and Mortar Bakeries and on top of all my success, I have also FAILED. I declared Bankruptcy for the simple reason that I gave all of my trust away to an entity that took advantage of my transparency and honesty, which ultimately left me with nothing.

however, I was resilient into getting back up, starting from nothing again, up to where I am today.

During this time, I have been wanting to "tap" into the online world simply because it's the future and brick and mortar is dying. Everyone knows that.

Therefore, after thousands of dollars spent in courses that led me "empty" and "nowhere", I found my mentor who aligned with exactly who I am and where I am heading. He is online of what I am in Brick and Mortar.
I was patient, and ultimately, I found the right person to take me on the journey I am taking today.

MY LOGO "Tactical Affiliate" should stem SEPARATELY for the LOGO PART and the WORDING PART.
I will be sending links to my page where I will be teaching so you can ideas as well as links to logo ideas.

The logo and the wording should tell me these things: Tactical, online world, freedom, mindset, clear path.
please see links so you can understand it better.

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