Make a few product illustrations for ordering page (Graphics Product illustrator)

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General Plantation Shutter Images:

What I need, an example below:

(showing the hinges for the shutter panel in all images except for 4. u-channel as there are no hinges for this type of shutter)
1. Full Frame
2. 3 Sided Frame
3. No Frame
4. U-Channels (Fixed Panel)

Example for U-Channel illustration:

IMPORTANT: You must not exactly copy the example provided, it has to be unique and your own design. Use examples of the google images of the product, so you can see what it looks like.

Visit to view our website, and colour scheme. We use a turquoise colour, please take a sample of the colour in the header/menu and make these drawings with this colour scheme.

5. Inside Z-Frame
6. Inside L-Frame
7. Inside L-frame with sill
8. Inside Z-Frame, protruding Window Sill
9. Outside L-frame

IMPORTANT: Use below three images as guide as to what the frames should look like. Half price blinds examples above feature different design, ignore their frame design, use examples such as below. The above examples are used as to how the illustration should look in the window as overall guide.
Inside L-Frame what it looks like:
Z-Frame what it looks like:
Outside L-frame what it looks like:

10. Evenly spaced example: (this is our image) but we need a version with a customised mid rail point.
(copy the my direct blinds image provided, create an offset version like the example provided from diyblinds website under uneven image file)
Example link above for 11, 12, and 13 points.

11. Control Rod Front Centre
12. Control Rod Front Offset
13. Control Rod Hidden

For14 and 15 below, example of how I want the image to look like here

14. Stile Finish Flat, frame and panel stile example in one icon
Above image shoes a “beaded finish” shutter PANEL, the frame is a z-frame so no beading is on it, but here is an example of a frame with beading:
Above image shows beaded “L-Frame” and beaded shutter panel

15. Stile Finish Beaded, frame and panel stile example in one icon
Image done same as above example but showing a flat finish on the L-frame and shutter panel. example of no beading on the panel and frame.

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“Thank you, very pleased with the work.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ aaron1989idk, Australia.

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