Make an astonishing logo for a new sex-toys range

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

ATTENTION: - adult-related!!!

I need a logo for adult-related (18+) website and product range.
The site is and refers to "the other you", meaning the dildo, vibrator or stimulator used by women in the absence or lack of a sexual partner, but not only - could be for her pure pleasure, or spicing the relation or intercourse.
The range of products to be launched includes but is not limited to dildo(s), vibrators, clitoral stimulator(s), rings, etc.
While the products will be divided into four categories, the main category (and the flagship product(s)) is represented by dildo(s).
As a short description, the new dildo was designed to behave like a natural penis, with all the functions and features.

I want a logo like a stylized dildo, where all the parts of the real penis to be clearly distinctive but not obvious.

I want to address an elegant message, subtle and same time appealing for the women who are aware of their own sexuality and are not too shy to use sex toys. For the beginners and experienced, for single and in a relationship, FOR ANY WOMAN...
IMPORTANT: the logo is compulsory to send the message: "Don't be shy, is not a shame, it's enjoyable and extremely pleasant."
Don't be rude, vulgar, or close to pornography.
Be bold, be elegant, be best - as we'll try to be with these new products :)

Please read the whole description! I want a stylized representation. not wording, not Airbnb copied logo or any other fantasies...

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“Professional graphic designer, which understood completely the requirements of the contest and provided the expected outcome. Made small modifications (as I've suggested) in no time and with elegance. Thanks for your work!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Bogdins, Romania.

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    Hi, there. Please check my entry #71. Hope you like this one :)

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    hi there, freelancer gives you an option. Please tap on my name and you will find a chat option, sir. please come to a private chat. I show you more ideas and variations. thanks

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