Make some title effects - For educational videos (Final Cut Pro)

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Hi, I'm teaching Chinese online with my company - [login to view URL]
We produce videos and I'm updating the videos and was hoping I could find some nice titles that I can use for all my teaching videos.

I've attached 2 videos,
One with what the titles should say and one with no titles so you can add your own one and show me what it looks like.

The Chinese text is kǒu 口 Mouth.

It would be nice with a transition in for the text. However, sometimes I need to put the characters first and sometimes I need to put the English first so I would need to be able to separate them.

You need to either add a thick border or some background because the video background will sometimes make the text hard to read.

All I need is one template for the titles, - pinyin, character, english. Then I also need a "Note: ....." text that you can find at the end of the video,
Ex. "Note: This word is only used for older women".

Also please try to differentiate between the pinyin, characters and english by using different colours. Typically we use green for the english, white for the character and purple for the pinyin.

Try to match it with our color brand, which is red and some black/white.

Please submit more if you have more than one suggestion.

Download the two videos here and good luck!!!

Remember this needs to be on final cut pro as it is what I'm using!.

[login to view URL]

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