Making the ktr webpage impressive - 25/11/2021 10:33 EST

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Making the ktr webpage impressive

1 The one sentence description
2 The Idea I would like to see implemented.
3 Some more information
3.1 What is the webpage about?
3.2 What I want the first-time page visitor to experience
3.3 some common sense requirements

1 The one sentence description
This project is about finding someone capable to implement an Idea I had on how to make the main page of my webpage more impressive.

2 Clarifications
What is being asked is
• the proof that the idea has been properly understood
• the proof that someone is capable of implementing this idea within the set requirements
The Idea I’m talking about is described further down, and it is the one I would like to see that the bidder has understood and is capable of implementing.
(Bidders are free to post their own ideas on how to make the site more impressive. Such ideas will be considered as alternatives if the attract my attention)
By ‘impressive’ I mean, ‘special’, something never seen before, something that attracts attention, something that makes one wanting to stay a bit longer on the page.
The implementation of the page is not part of this project. It is very probable that whoever wins this contest will be the one implementing the whole page, but that will be another project.

3 The Idea I would like to see implemented.
The ‘impressive part’ of the page would be some transparent ‘cubes’ that will be appearing and maybe also moving across the page.
These cubes contain a 3D presentation of one of the many attractions as a short film or animation that keeps repeating fluently.
Things that can appear in such cubes are:
• people swimming in blue water
• a little dinghy sailing over waves
• A paraglider in the air
• Happy people at dinner
• Scuba divers sub surfaced
• A group of Greek dancers
• Someone jet-sking
• A group riverrafting
• and many more …..

The .png file submited with this project shows the way I imagine these cubes. Instead of the jellyfish one can imagine a short video scene with one of the above mentioned attractions.

These cubes will appear over the background of the main page, which could be a full screen picture taken in the area of Kalamata, that instinctively makes him want to come to this place.
Some text like ‘when are you coming’ or so will be somewhere in focus as ‘call to action’.

4 Some more information
4.1 What is the webpage about?
The site is meant to attract potential visitors of the area of Kalamata.
On this site one can book wonderfull accommodations.
On this site one will find all good reasons why to come to Kalamata (and will also be able to book some of those ?)
On this site even the seasoned Kalamata visitor will return to find information related to Kalamata as a destination.
The website needs to introduce the available accommodations in a very favourable way.
The main page should make the visitor feel the uniqueness of the area of Kalamata (clean sea, sun, mountains, perfect weather all year through, lots of activities, good food, culture, direct flights)

4.2 What I want the first-time page visitor to experience
The first impression should make the user want to explore the site. Motivations to do this would be:
→ Oh! this site really looks very cool
→ Oh! this ‘Kalamata’ place really looks worth visiting
→ look what great accommodations they have!
→ and there are a lot of interesting things going on there
→ …. and I might get an unmatched offer if I …..
→ …. do they also have this or that? (oh, it looks easy to find out) ….

4.3 some common sense requirements
• The site should be separately optimised for Desktop, Pads and mobile phone devices.
• It needs to be fast (meaning that some animations might need to be loaded while the main impression is already in view)

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“The task assigned was obviously a difficult one. Roy was the only participant out of many, that really tried hard to fullfil the requiered task and up to a point he also succeeded. I would recommend Roy, aslo because he always reacted promptly to my inputs. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Nicodergrieche, Greece.

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