Mobile app Icon and logo re-design

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

TaskLabels is a simple to-do app that allows people to organize their life into (different, color-coded) labels. Up until now, we've had an app icon with a simple tick mark (see attached files), but apparently it makes TaskLabels look just like another to-do app.

We want to emphasize the part about 'organizing your life into labels' more.


The job is to keep the icon style similar (we still want it to match the UI of the app), but to add a few (3-4) color-coded labels somewhere in the background (see the attached image to see what kind of labels we're talking about). We're open to many ideas, e.g. the icon could show a pile of lists (or tickler files) from above and some colorful labels sticking out. AS LONG AS IT'S CONGRUENT WITH THE APP'S UI STYLE/FEEL and COLORS (using the same shades of green as the current icon is recommended).

The icon should give some clue to the person viewing it: "A-ha, this app probably allows me to organize my stuff into labels"

(There should be a different icon for the Google Play and different for iTunes)


For the logo, it needs to be an extension of the icon (icon being much more important).
Since we've already used the current logo (see attached file) in many promotional materials/content, the new logo would ideally not differ too much from the original one (e.g. just add few colorful labels sticking out behind the tick mark, or tweak it in your way).

Here you can see some screenshots from our app / use the app yourself (RECOMMENDED BEFORE YOU START DESIGNING):

[login to view URL]

"TaskLabels makes it very easy to categorize any part of your life, whether that’d be your work stuff, household chores, errands to run or books to read. Our unique labeling system allows you to assign individual tasks to multiple labels so that you can find your task based on several different contexts (e.g. you can put ‘Buy a wrench tool’ task under your ‘Garage’ label but also under your ‘Things to buy’ label)"

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