Need a logo + packaging design for ketojoi

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Greetings, all my talented designer friends!
I need a logo and packaging design for my low carb snacks products that I am trying to sell in the market soon.

I have 4 products which 3 of them are cookies and the 4th one is chips.

I need the same design to fit all of them but only change the product image and information.
So keep them consistent.

Brand Name: Keto Joi

Product Selling Points
* Sugar-free
* Low Carb
* Gluten Free
* Low Glycemic Intex
* Hi-Protein
* Hi-Fiber

Make sure to add
Made in USA/CA

Please refer to included product info xl sheet for product facts and info.
Also, you can generate the barcode using the UPC code that is in the xl sheet.

[login to view URL]
Please make sure to mention the website address in there as well.
Also, include a QR code that takes them to the website.

Also, add facebook and Instagram icons. and add #ketojoi

Add Expiration date but leave the date part empty make it a white rectangle area so I can stamp the date later.

Design directions:
-> Remember that this is an expensive product so it needs to show in the packaging and look very hi-end and classy.
-> Make your packaging design simple and cheap to produce.
-> 3D renderings are very welcome and will improve your chance of winning.
-> COLORS -- Pick your colors carefully. remember that it needs to look natural and related to the food that we are selling. Make it look very appetizing and inviting to eat.
-> Use the Product images That is included in the google drive. Here is the URL: [login to view URL]

Final Notes!
* The winner will be hired for ongoing tasks on this and other brands.
* Copy cats will be rejected.
* Designs that don't follow the brief rules will be rejected. Especially if I see that they didn't read the brief.
* Before you submit your work, ask yourself, would you buy this item in the supermarket when it's sitting next to other items?
* If you have any questions and concerns, just post it here and I will respond.

Good Luck and have fun!

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