Need a new label for a new craft spirit brand and product

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We develop new wine and spirits brands, and this one we feel like we can't quite nail down. We want an EVOLUTION of the image below, not something completely different. We are going for a brand that looks like it is old and has some heritage, but is modern, has been updated. We want hints of the Irish origins of the spirit type, but it is an American product (that is how we came to that font - it is sort of Celtic, but not TOO Celtic).

Things that can NOT change:
- The dark green is the brand color.
- The stone wall pencil drawing has to be included.
- All of the copy (sides and back label) has to be included
- The green and gold items will be embossed and foil when printed - this is a premium product

Things that can adjusted/improved:
- The font. Again, celtic-like, but not too overtly celtic
- The knots on either side of the logo at the top (it feels like the space needs something, but I'm not sure that is the right solution)
- The overall layout. We chose that layout inspired by the Redbreast Irish Whiskey which has a lot of words on either side of the front label - so we know it can work, we just aren't sure we have made it work yet
- Copy fonts

Current fonts used are:
- Logo: Gorgeous
- Serif font: Baskerville Old Face
- San serif font: Candara

The contest winner will need to provide their label in layered .ai or .psd file format at at least 300dpi resolution.

The name and stone wall image are registered trademarked and any usage of that or the story/copy for any other reason will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

Thanks for participating.


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  • waterandwine
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 3 tuần

    To all who participated, thank you! There were some very good designs and some excellent revisions from my feedback. You made it very difficult to select someone for the award. I wish you all the best of luck.

    • cách đây 3 tuần
    1. kalaja07
      • cách đây 3 tuần

      Thank you and let me know if you choise to work with me, Best Ewishes, Erion!

      • cách đây 3 tuần
  • waterandwine
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 3 tuần

    I just uploaded a new file. It is the wall in a transparent .png format to make it easier for you to work with. Feel free to make it larger or smaller, but I likely will want it to stay black and white - it is a granite stone wall, and the pencil drawing with no color matches the feel of the place. Thank you!

    • cách đây 3 tuần
  • waterandwine
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 3 tuần

    My first thoughts are - wow! and thanks! The one public thing I can say to this point is the balance we're trying to find between honoring the Irish origins of the spirit and my family, and being clear that it is an American-made product is difficult. I think some of them are feeling "too Irish." It is a subjective comment, but I cannot be more specific right now. I will know it when I see it. Thank you all!!

    • cách đây 3 tuần
  • saurov2012urov
    • cách đây 3 tuần

    I am Redoing the Design

    • cách đây 3 tuần

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