Need an amazing combination logo mark created for our apparel brand (Hoodie Gang Clothing) - 29/11/2020 08:58 EST

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Hello there I hope you're all doing amazing!

We need a combination logo mark created for our apparel hooded sweatshirt business. The name of the business is "Hoodie Gang Clothing" which obviously is hooded sweatshirt inspired. We design one of a kind "hoodies" that are limited in quantity and our consumer base market is between 16-35 years of age, so the logo has to be appealing to this age group.

Our goal is to attract the people who truly love wearing hoodies. All the hoodies are themed inspired, our first one we are designing is labeled " The Ski Mask Way" and our following of consumers will definitely be a collective of like minded individuals. We are creating an identity around a certain interest being one of a kind hooded sweat shirts. Please let the logo mark you create express everything I've listed here. This is an urban hip hop apparel line with a preppy kick

!Be unique and original in your designs please!

We don't have any set colors in mind due to this being a brand new design. When you create the logo design please understand we want you to create an actual logo to go with the script. However I do understand script can act as an amazing logo as well so please by all means just make sure you're showing the world your best because I'm going to make sure you get your design credit!

Okay thank you for your time and truly you all are awesome at what you do. If it wasn't for designers creativity paired with the worlds ideas we would live on a blank canvas! You're all are awesome!

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“ Khandaker Is an amazing designer and very patient as well. I made multiple request and every request was answered immediately. The Logo came out perfect and I enjoyed the entire experience of working with him. If you are looking for a designer that can think outside the box and comes with a creativity from scratch then you want him! I will definitely be working with him in again very soon. Thank you again Khandaker!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ byteslogic17, United States.

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