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The quiz will contain following topic wise questions:

1. Number Series: These problems involve identifying the pattern or sequence in a given set of numbers and determining the next number in the series.

2. Data Interpretation: In these problems, you are provided with tables, graphs, or charts containing data, and you need to analyze and interpret the information to answer questions.

3. Percentages: Problems related to percentages involve calculations and comparisons based on percentages, such as finding the percentage increase or decrease, finding the original value given the percentage change, or solving problems involving profit and loss.

4. Averages: These problems require you to calculate the average of a set of numbers or find missing numbers based on the average.

5. Ratios and Proportions: These problems involve solving equations and finding unknown quantities based on the given ratios and proportions.

6. Time, Speed, and Distance: Problems in this category deal with calculations involving time, speed, and distance, such as finding the average speed, calculating travel time, or solving problems related to relative speeds.

7. Probability: Problems related to probability involve determining the likelihood of an event occurring, calculating probabilities based on given conditions, or solving problems involving combinations and permutations.

8. Algebra: These problems involve solving equations, inequalities, and word problems using algebraic methods, including topics such as linear equations, quadratic equations, and simultaneous equations.

9. Geometry: Problems in geometry involve solving questions related to angles, triangles, circles, polygons, and other geometric shapes, including properties, theorems, and formulas.

10. Logical Deduction: These problems test your ability to analyze and draw logical conclusions based on a given set of statements or conditions, often using diagrams or symbols.

11. Syllogisms: Syllogism problems involve evaluating the logical validity of statements and determining the relationship between different elements based on the given information.

12. Blood Relations: These problems involve deducing family relationships, such as solving questions related to siblings, parents, grandparents, and other family members.

13. Coding-Decoding: Coding-Decoding problems involve deciphering codes or patterns to identify the relationship between letters, numbers, or symbols.

14. Verbal Reasoning: These problems assess your ability to comprehend and analyze written information, such as solving questions related to passages, analogies, logical puzzles, or critical reasoning.

15. Case Study based upon which the student has to answer 6 questions. This case study will be based upon a decision making situation faced by a person at administration level position. The problem does not necessarily have to be work related, it can also be a personal problem or family issue. This case study should test a persons leadership, honesty, integrity, wisdom and ability to remain calm in tense situations and take tough decisions.

For categories 1 to 14 we need 1 question each. For category 15 we need 6 sub-questions based on a single case study. The quiz will have 20 questions in total. Content will be rigorously checked for any copyright violations. We need original entries only.

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  • usman212285
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    Kindly review the entries at #47 and #46 for your perusal

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  • suryavamshi365
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    Hello there!
    I have submitted my entry. Please have a look at it.
    Thank you.

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    1. suryavamshi365
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      Entry #11

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  • incomenomaad
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    please check my entry #14
    I excel at connecting with learners personally, making topics engaging through real-life examples. My questions target knowledge gaps effectively, balancing difficulty and attainability.

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  • kumarprakash5590
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Sir I have submitted my entries please look at once if you do like it #guaranteed

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  • Chei1999
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    Hello, I can work in this field, writing articles, creating content, and others. Please contact me to find out more. I am at your service. Thank you

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