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  • rajjalanrj
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    Amazing work Amr. Just make these minor changes asap.
    1. Please start the video with "PRESENTING" (as the image shared on chat) along with minor animation followed by the company logo which you have put at the end.
    2. Please BOLD all the text in all slides. It will look better.
    3. Kindly change the images in the Insurance slide with two new images I'm sending on chat.
    4. Please separate National Stock Exchange from Chennai Super Kings as they are both separate companies.
    5. Please correct the alignment to centre in "Don't let yourself say" and " I wish I invested early"
    6. Delete the words " and advice on any of the above investments" and add contact details that I'm sharing on chat after that slide.
    7. Please replace the background music with the one I sent on chat.

    • cách đây 4 tháng