NEEDED: Set of Charts for Marketing brochure (6 or 7)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I need some nice, colorful, stylish charts for a marketing brochure.


We need the following charts created (see attached SKETCH of the charts called ""by the numbers.pdf") -- Please be creative in your illustrations -- don't simply use my sketch as something to replicate -- these simply represent a guide to what I want to convey.

After the winning design is selected, I want to provide updated numbers for these charts. They will be roughly in line with the numbers that are in the attachment.

Target audience:
- Gallery/Dealer listing artworks on
- Art Collector / Art Dealer
- High net worth / High income
- Sophisticated, major city dweller
- Age 40-60

Design notes:

1) Diagrams need to use the same color scheme as in the painting in the attached screen shot (blues, reds, yellows, greens) -- do not use the colors in the example diagram. Also use the fonts of Tahoma /Veranda.

2) Diagrams should have at least a little depth to them -- but not too much depth (i.e. I do not want flat images like the example, but don't want 3D renderings)

3) Diagrams need to fit with the stylistic context as the attached screen shot and website (but do not use the black background as a design guide -- it is being changed). They should also roughly fit with the highly rated designs in these contests:

4) Diagrams should be the approximate size and dimensions of the attached pdf file -- TWO FULL PAGES.

5) Diagram images should have transparent backgrounds -- ie. graphics and text on a transparent background, so that the image can be added to a brochure that may have a colored background.


1) source files
2) scalable vector graphics files


We also have lots of ongoing work and tend to work with vendors again and again. So consider this project as sort of an "interview."

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  • mikhailduong
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Please take a look at #48 .

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • r063rabad
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Hi, please see #26 Thank you.

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • r063rabad
    • cách đây 9 năm

    please check #25 Thanks

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • f0tis
    • cách đây 9 năm

    #22 please provide some feedback on my work so far.
    kind regards, Fotis

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • Polyachenko
    • cách đây 9 năm

    #17 Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • Polyachenko
    • cách đây 9 năm

    My work is in progress, 70% is complete, please wait me.

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • MagicalDesigner
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Sir i have started work please wait for it.

    • cách đây 9 năm

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