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Design Concept and Massing (Preliminary)

Hello. I have worked on the Concept, Massing, Planning, and Area requirement of the health club (Part B). The report properly explains the massing, zoning, and spaces provided with the equipment. I have adhered to the plot space and the section you provided in the brief. Part A (roofing of the resort) has also been worked out with options and references, only once we can have a discussion about the Health club, we can go ahead with the facade design, and roofing system of the resort, and the club. Hope you go through the report I have prepared and we can have a discussion on the preliminary design. As there was shortage of time and you asked for a concept/sketch, i have shared a jist of the building design with basic details. Once the discussion is done, I will provide proper drawings and renders to you. You can check my profile to have an idea of my final outputs. Awaiting your positive response. Regards, Dhruv Karmokar Architect and Interior Designer

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