9 Orphans Distillery

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

9 Orphans Distillery is a small family-owned South African distillery creating unique handcrafted spirits with lots of love. True to the unique adventures that Africa has to offer.
The name of our distillery is dedicated to our late father who had this outrageous dream many years ago that one day our family will own its very own winery. The name of the first wine produced at the winery was called, 9 Orphans. The reason I’m saying the dream is so outrageous is that at that time we had just moved to Cape Town from Pretoria and still had our proper "Vaalie" accents. We knew only two types of wine: red wine and white wine and we drank both with ice! But as time passed our passion and knowledge of the alcohol industry grew and we decided to keep the dream of our father alive by naming our brand, 9 Orphans Distillery.

We will predominantly produce Gin and Rum.
Gin: A perfect drink for a hot summers day or to satisfy a gin lover's need for a special occasion, gift or just another Friday night. Enjoyable on its own or as part of a cocktail. This gin made from a blend of botanicals that includes juniper, buchu, lavender and lemon peel. Each sip begins with a floral bouquet leading to a lasting and clean buchu finish. The lemon peel giving a lingering mouthfeel that would leave you wanting more.
Rum: Breaking all miss conceived stereotypes that is rum, but not forgetting its roots. This rum is great for sipping on the rocks, neat or enjoyed with a dash of lime or part of a cocktail. The crafting process excludes any flavouring and colourants other than these of a distinctive charred sweet wine barrel. Leaving you with a sweet satisfaction that is quite unexplainable.

We want you to create a logo that can act as a label as well. The same "logo/image" will be used as a label for all our products portrayed in a slightly different way capturing the character of the product itself. For instance:
Gin: We want the label to portray the brightness and clarity of the gin. Emphasizing each botanical in a way that the drinker will have no doubts about what he is tasting. We have this idea of a transparent front label with the back label depicting the botanicals in a colourful manner that will send colour throughout the whole bottle. (You will only be creating the front label)
Rum: We want to portray a darker, smokier more mysterious vibe to it. We have this idea of a charcoal label with the outline in an of white colour.
We like the idea of a simple label, a simple outline. We also want the label to fit in with the distillery itself. Very rustic and humble.
Attached are some images of the distillery, the bottle we will use and also a photo we love.

Please know that this is just ideas we thought of and is not set in stone. Be bold and creative. The images are just to give you an idea of where we come from and what we like.

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