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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am looking for a designer to create a package design for my Food and Beverage product. The preferred color scheme for the design is bright and vibrant. Maybe blue, or sea life(coral) colours

Skills and Experience:
- Experience in package design for the Food and Beverage industry
- Ability to follow specific branding guidelines
- Proficiency in creating bright and vibrant color schemes

Elements on Packaging

subtitle:Caribbean Naturally Grown
cultivé naturellement au Caraïbes
Trademark:Lixismom TM
Nutrition Facts Label,
From the Beautiful Seas of St Lucia
Des belles mers de Sainte-Lucie
Best Before/meilleur avant:

Net Weight 4oz (113g)

Clear spot on the packaging, so part of seamoss can be visible
Checkbox for 3 different types(flavors): Gold/Or, Green/Vert, Purple/Violet

Sku: 767461129113

Qr code
For recipes and instructions on how to use it.
Pour des recettes et des instructions sur la méthode d'utilisation.
Share you recipe
Partagez vos recettes
3 recipe pictures

Sales Support Contact email
email at email dot email

Packaging details:
pouch with a 2.5inch gusset
7 by 9 inches
resealable zipper
tear notch

You do not have to follow this exactly as it will be readjusted anyway.

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“Packaging was very professional. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ EpicSite, Canada.

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    No more entries needed guys. But thanks for your efforts. I already know which one I will go with. After communicating with them on modifications, the contest will end.

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    Thank you for Rating. If any changes need please ask me.

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    please check my entry #29 #31

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  • emonali55
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    Please check my Entry

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  • qasmi3111791
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    do you have a specific logo?

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